Peter Skelton is our candidate for Danesborough & Walton


Peter Skelton

Following a career at the Open University, where his research and teaching included geological investigations of past climate change and extinctions, Peter Skelton joined the Green Party in 2015, wanting to contribute to its efforts to counter the massive environmental threats we all face today.

Joining Woburn Sands Town Council soon after – following the principle of ‘thinking globally and acting locally’ – he set up a Climate Change Group in 2020, tasked with advising the Town Council on possible measures to reduce community greenhouse gas emissions and promote a healthier local environment for both people and wildlife. Under his leadership, the Group drafted a community survey for the TC on proposals to those ends that was distributed in January throughout the town (on both sides of the county boundary). Gratifyingly, hundreds of responses were received, giving overwhelming support for almost all of the proposals.

As Town Mayor from May of this year, he will be working hard for the fulfilment of these popular green aspirations. With the current threat of environmental degradation from aggressive over-development of SEMK, he believes it to be, moreover, essential that we ally closely with like-minded environmental groups in neighbouring towns in the Ward to ensure that our interests and our well-being are not crushed by the sheer greed for profit of remote corporations. This is not a distantly imagined threat: witness the wreckage of our landscape recently visited upon the Bow Brickhill Road from the A5 roundabout.

Your vote for the Green Party will strengthen our defensive alliance – acting on your behalf!

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