Green News and Events in Milton Keynes for week 2/23

Jan 10, 2023News

Join me for something new I’d like to try and capture what’s going on in and around Milton Keynes on a regular basis using this website and our social media. I feel there are many related groups and causes happening across Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire and perhaps this way we can connect ourselves a little more to get more done on issues that we share concerns about.

Whether it is caring for the environment, lobbying our local councils or even sports. I will aim to share news and events that you might otherwise not have come across before.

If you are in a group or thinking of starting one to make a difference locally, please reach out to me and I will add you to our list and share your events on our media.

Don’t forget to join our email newsletter, which I will aim to send out at the beginning of every month.

News in brief

  • Climate Action-West Northamptonshire (CA-WN for short) has launched a new version of its information exchange, which I find a useful resource for climate action-related information, news and events from Northamptonshire
  • There will be another election for a local councillor to join Milton Keynes Council in May and we hope to make it a green one this year, to hold the council to account over its climate action plan and represent people’s views on local green issues. Get involved today to help us win a seat!

Upcoming events

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